The one about


Poetry collection by Akor Opaluwah

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The one about the (young) Nigerian poet in Nottingham who writes random poems about the random things he sees around the city, like shirtless men, playing children or women reading books on the tram” or “The one about…” for short is a collection of observatory poems about the random and beautiful, yet seemingly mundane things around Nottingham.

The poems are written in a form that employs a relatively long and descriptive title. One that is specific to an observation of a place, person or time. This is followed by a short poem that emphasises the interpretation or inquisition of the observation.

The one about…” leads the readers through a journey, prompting them to take a look at seemingly simple occurrences, and helping them find the beauty, connections and links between and among them because there is certainly beauty everywhere, we just have to look a little harder and a little longer.

As Rupi Kaur said “there is sweetness everywhere if you are just willing to look”.


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